"Let's Dance 2 Health"

JOIN US to help raise awareness for the fight against obesity & chronic illnesses by participating in The Stars Come Out, Inc.’s events & activities. The proceeds will help us continue our work in sponsoring and creating dance programing for children with special needs, disabilities and sickle cell disease.


Thank you for Giving the Gift of Dance!




dance exercise  

Health Benefits

Dancing is an excellent form of exercise!

  1. Excellent Calorie Burner
  2. Promotes Coordination
  3. Promotes Cardiovascular Conditioning
  4. Prevents Loss of Bone Mass


Get Involved

Show your support for Let’s Dance 2 Health Day!

  1. Businesses, including Restaurants, Banks, Retail and Grocery…. can support a healthier Arkansas by providing promotions or giveaways on Let’s Dance ...


Calender Information 


National Dance Day , July 29th

Join The Stars Come Out, Inc's campaign to introduce more kids to the arts. Please click on the link to choose your t-shirt(s):https://design.fuelmerchandise.com/dance2health  

as a token of appreciation for your support. Thank you !






Daily Tips

Dancing is a fun activity & it is great for your heart.

Mission Statement

SCOI's mission is to help in the fight against obesity and chronic illness by encouraging Arkansans to embrace dance as a fun and positive way to maintain good health.

SCOI envisions Let’s Dance 2 Health Day recognized and supported statewide for its value in bringing awareness to physical activity and healthier lifestyles for Arkansans.

SCOI’s goal is to increase the percentage of Arkansans of all ages who engage in Let’s Dance 2 Health Day and its’ opportunities for exposure to the arts, physical activity & health benefits.

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